Cinderella’s Dining at Cítricos

By Nick

I didn’t have any idea I’d be going to Cinderella’s Dining at Cítricos – Breakfast and Brunch with The Disney Princesses until just a few days before our wonderful breakfast at my favorite resort, Disney’s Grand Floridian.

The breakfast, usually held in Cinderella Castle, has been relocated to Citricos while Cinderella’s Royal Table undergoes refurbishment.

We attended this grand affair with our friends Kandi and John, and their children Jazzlyn and Grayson.

Barbie, me, Jazzlyn, Cinderella, Kandi, Grayson, and John

I’m very glad we went, not only for the experience, which starts with a photo with Cinderella herself, and continues into the lovely dining room of Citricos, where we also got to meet Belle, Snow White, Jasmine, and Ariel

…but also for the food, because we were all very pleasantly surprised by the selection!

To start, we were brought coffees, teas, sodas, and our specialty beverages of choice, which were Mimosas, along with a basket of freshly baked multi-grain croissants, blueberry muffins and apple pastries.

For an appetizer, I had the charcuterie, while Barbie asked if it was okay to order 2 items, the charcuterie and the chicken noodle soup, and our wonderful server said «Yes!» Both were very good.

During the meal, wishing wands and swords were brought to the table for Jazzlyn and Grayson to use in the Magical Wishing Ceremony, where, with a little Disney magic «your prince’s or princess’ wish can come true!»

For entrées, both John and I ordered the steak, but instead of the slow-poached egg, we asked if we could substitute scrambled eggs, and were told that was not a problem. I ordered the steak medium rare, and it was more to the medium side, while John asked for his well done, and it was VERY well done, but still good. In the future, I will have to remember to ask for rare, as apparently, steak prep errs to the side of caution.

Barbie had the grilled ham and biscuits.

Kandi had the scrambled egg whites with hot ten-grain cereal, Greek yogurt topped with granola, a whole-grain croissant and fresh fruit.
Jazzlyn had Mickey waffles with sausage and bacon.
Desserts were a trio of a piece of cake they called crème brûlée, chocolate-raspberry cake, and a vanilla bean cream puff, the standout being, perhaps not surprisingly the chocolate cake.
The experience is not inexpensive, being $50 plus tip, but as far as character meals go, we felt it was absolutely one of the better experiences, and the food was a notch above a buffet.
Reservations for Cinderella’s Dining at Cítricos—Breakfast and Brunch with the Disney Princesses can be made by visiting DisneyWorld.com, or calling 407-WDW-DINE.
This article was originally posted on the Disney Musings blog, which Nick co-writes and edits.
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